Site evaluation in connection with afforestation

Due to the long production period of most tree species, selection of the right tree species for planting is one of the most critical decisions in forestry. At the same time tree species have different requirements in terms of soil and climatical conditions.

Site evaluation includes a survey and description of these key properties and end up in a delineation of areas with approximately the same growth conditions. For each site class, recommendations can be made with respect to optimum, suitable and not suitable tree species. This way the risk of selecting the wrong tree species ending up in poor growth and losses before maturity of the stand is greately reduced.

The survey is normally carried out as drillings to a minimum of 150 cm depth supplemented with excavations of selected soil profiles at a density of 1-5 hectars per drilling.

GPS Agro is offering site evaluation in connection with afforestation as well as in existing forests.

Soil profile over crystalline rocks (Bornholm)

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