Site specific soil sampling

Sampling and analysis of soil samples in 4-5 year intervals is necessary in order to follow the development in soil pH (liming requirement) and nutrient status. Are the samples taken using GPS equipment, interpolated soil maps can be derived and later used for production of application maps for fertilizers and lime. EM38 mapping prior to soil sampling normally enhances the result significantly as the chance of making the right sampling strategy increases (Read more about EM38). In addition, EM38 will normally improve the calculation and interpolation of soil maps.

By letting GPS Agro carry the strategic soil sampling, you'll get the following advantages:

  • EM38 as well as topographic mapping (if included).

  • Delineation of areas with high humus content (if EM38-data are available).

  • A sampling strategy based on EM38 data, yield data, arial photo/topographic maps as well as on your own experiences.

  • Documentation of where the samples have been taken and thereby possibility to sample exactly the same area next time. This way comparison of soil sample data will make more sense and it will be possible to identify development trends in the data.

  • Certainty for uniform sampling depth and correct number of subsamples.

  • Possibility for calculation of a site specific lime- and fertilization strategy and thereby optimizing both production and economy at the samt time.

  • Prints of soil maps, which gives the required information about where the samples have been taken and how the values are rated (EM38, JB-no., Rt, Pt, Kt, Mgt, Cut etc.).

  • Soil analyses at a fixed low rate done by high quality laboratories.

  • Comments on the soil sample values and recommendations for the future liming- og fertilization strategy (calculation of site specific application plans is done on hourly basis).

  • Copy of all digital data so that you can continue working on the data.

    Directed soil sampling and interpretation of EM38 maps requires experience with soil surveying.

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